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I made the worst online dating profile possible to see if I could still find love

I made the worst online dating profile possible to see if I could still find love

The world of dating has had a massive change-up in recent years. Gone are the days of meeting someone at a malt shop over a milkshake (I think that was a thing) or asking for their number on a train (I’m sure this was a thing and I’m glad it’s gone).

Instead, we’ve moved the scene into the digital realm with apps like Tinder, Bumble, and the like. And with that move, romance has become sort of a game, with successful matches feeling more like completing a level on Candy Crush than the start of a genuine connection.

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And of course, with this gamification have come the strategists. Hundreds of dating ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ with their own opinions on the best ways to beat the system; opinions on what photos to upload, what messages to send, even exact times of the day to message.

Is that really what love has come to? Has the purest part of human experience been boiled down to a list of boxes to tick off? ‘Do this and you win’? ‘Do this and you lose’? Well, I rebuke that. I believe that true and honest connections can surmount surface details like how you set up your dating profile.

To prove this, I went through as many articles as I could find (three) on the dos and don’ts of Tinder etiquette and tried to make the worst profile possible and see if I could still find love.

I didn’t want to use my actual name for this new account because I didn’t want anyone actually finding me in the real world, so I began by Googling the most unattractive male names.

(Sorry to any Aidens out there.) To create the perfectly terrible Tinder profile, I had to start with some truly terrible photos. And since I’ve never taken one in my life, I had to do some research.

Tom Ella of Swipe-Life has a set of guidelines he recommends when choosing your photos.

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